574 Wines owner asking why Shelton man showed up with a loaded gun

The owner of a popular wine store in Monroe wants to know why a Shelton man showed up at his store with a loaded gun.
The owner told News 12 Connecticut Tuesday by phone he's just glad nobody got hurt.
Philip Caseria, 60, and his attorney did not want to speak with News 12 Connecticut after his arraignment in Bridgeport Tuesday.
Police say Caseria was seen on surveillance pointing a gun outside 574 Wines on Monroe Turnpike on Saturday, Sept. 10.
A store manager had the presence of mind to evacuate all the customers through a back door to safety until police arrived.
Police charged Caseria with illegal possession of a firearm under the influence.
"The video showed him very unsteady on his feet in the store," said Monroe Police Lt. Michael Sweeney.
After Caseria walked into the store with the loaded gun and didn't see anyone, he left.
"Witnesses worked with us, were able to get a great description of the vehicle and the license plate. We phoned it in to Shelton," said Sweeney.
Monroe police say Shelton police then located Caseria and arrested him. They also found the gun he used on the floor of his car.
Caseria is facing 10 counts in this case, and he's due back in court next month.
Caseria is facing several other counts in a separate case in Derby court next month.