77-year-old stops in Norwalk on peace walk from New York to Boston

A Stamford grandfather is setting out to spread peace in the world one foot at a time.
Al Forte started in New York at Yankee Stadium and will make his way to Boston's Fenway Park. Forte stopped in Norwalk Saturday.
He says he is wearing the shirt "Pray 4 Peace" to spread his message of world peace.
This is the six time he has done a long-distance walk, including a New York to Chicago walk in 2008. The 77-year-old says he has clocked in over 4,000 miles.
Also joining Forte is his childhood friend Joe Ross, who drives along the route and picks Forte up when he needs a rest.
Forte visits ball parks along the way, combining his love of baseball with his mission to pray for peace in the world.
He says after 9/11, the world needed to come together to pray and hopes these walks inspire people to do so.
"The purpose is to spread the message to pray for peace, because if we all pray for peace, then there would be peace. Peace in ourselves, in our families, in our neighborhoods and peace in the world," Forte said.
Forte's family compares him to the movie character Forrest Gump. And like Gump, people cheer him on during his pilgrimage.
Forte says the biggest challenge during his walks are the blisters.