8-year-old boy transforms limo driver's life during memorable ride to NYC

A Stratford limo driver is crediting an 8-year-old boy with transforming his day during a memorable ride to New York City.
Stevie Winston owns his own limo company, Winston's Limo, and is known for having a heart as big as his vehicles.
"It feels better to help than not to help," said Winston.
Winston says a trip to Greenwich over the weekend opened the door to a whole new outlook thanks to a boy named Kai Rothenberg, whose parents took him on a limo ride through Manhattan to celebrate his birthday.
"Coming from Manhattan I ended up getting off at the wrong exit in the Bronx," said Winston.
But that wrong turn led to an amazing experience.
"When I looked back through the side mirror, I seen the kids with a smile on their face, giving the homeless man money, snacks, cold water," said Winston.
Kai Rothenberg said just he wanted to help, and his parents say they had nothing to do with the kids' decision.
"We actually had nothing to do with it. They saw him right away. They all screamed, 'Stop the limo, let's give him something, let's help him,'" said Joshua Rothenberg.
"And he was yelling at the top of his lungs, singing happy birthday to my 8-year-old son," said Fiona Hopkins Rothenberg.
An unforgettable birthday ride in which two worlds collided in a wonderful way.
"To want to help and give back, that's what really touched me," said Winston. "The world needs more Kais out there."