'A disgrace to myself.' Bridgeport man apologizes at sentencing for role in shooting that killed 12-year-old

A 21-year-old Bridgeport man delivered an emotional apology Thursday to the family of his 12-year-old year old victim. The message came moments before a judge handed down his sentence.
A tearful "I'm sorry" came from 21-year-old Alexander Bolanos, who broke down while directing his comments to the family of 12-year-old Clinton Howell.
Bolanos pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder in the 2018 death of Clinton Howell.
"I'm mature now, I'm knowledgeable and I'm 21, and I apologize with my deepest condolences," said Bolanos.
Bolanos received a 25-year sentence, suspended after serving 20 years in prison, for his role in the fatal shooting outside of the Clinton Howell's house a week before Christmas.
Tajay Chambers, 22, who police said was the shooter, was sentenced to 32 years in December.
"I'm not only a disgrace to myself but to my family as well, and I stay up at night praying to God for these things, for forgiveness," said Bolanos.
After the sentencing, Clinton Howell's family said there's nothing Bolanos could ever say to right this wrong.
"I think he's faking it. He's trying to get our forgiveness, but he ain't going to get it from me," said Clinton Howell's father, Carlton Howell.
The victim's brother, mother and sister all gave impact statements before the sentencing.
Bolanos' mother said she is heartbroken for Clinton Howell's family, and she echoed her son's words in court when he said he has grown and changed.
"I'm not a killer, I'm not a bad person. I spend my life flying up and down in this world -- no dad, no guidance, no role models -- just people I call friends," said Bolanos.
After an emotional day in court, Clinton Howell's family said they're leaning on each other and are now looking to the future.