'A horror I will never unsee': Woman haunted by sight of dog being thrown from moving car

A woman who saved a dog thrown out of a moving car in Norwalk is telling her side of the story to News 12 Connecticut.

News 12 Staff

Mar 24, 2021, 12:12 AM

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A woman who saved a dog thrown out of a moving car in Norwalk is telling her side of the story to News 12 Connecticut.
Bianca, a Fairfield County mother, says she is traumatized and is continuing to relive what she witnessed while driving up Connecticut Avenue two weeks ago.
It was around 2 p.m. when the incident happened involving the car in front of her. She asked News 12 to just use her first name.
"It's unforgettable. It's indelible. It is a horror that I will never unsee," Bianca says. "From the passenger side, I saw two hands and forearms come out of the window, holding and dangling a whitish bundle with legs writhing in the air."
That bundle was a beagle, which moments later, Bianca says was violently flung to the ground.
"And then the car sped up Connecticut Avenue as she bounced hard on the asphalt; and she tumbled and her ears and her legs and her body were rolling," Bianca says.
Bianca says she pulled her car diagonally into the righthand lane to stop traffic, then jumped out and got the dog.
"She let me cradle her head in my hands, and then I called 911," she says.
The beagle was physically OK, but incredibly scared. The dog went to Norwalk Animal Control and police opened an investigation, which is still ongoing.
But just a few days in, the dog was back with her owner.
"It is so hard for everyone to wrap their heads around that," Bianca says.
The story has blown up on social media where rumors have circulated that the dog was stolen prior to the incident, but police tell News 12 they have no indication of that.
In an email response, police said, "The Norwalk Police Department consulted with the Connecticut State's Attorney's Office regarding the incident. Investigators were advised that the dog must be returned to the owner during the course of this thorough investigation."
Police added animal control officers have checked on the dog, and she's in good condition.
"All voiceless victims need to be protected during an investigation. The laws need to be changed," Bianca says.
News 12 will continue to follow this investigation and keep you updated on any future developments including potential charges.

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