AAA: Pedestrian crashes increased by 200% from 2017-2021 after clocks 'fall back'

Road crashes spike in the days and weeks after clocks 'fall back,' according to AAA.

Carmen Grant

Nov 3, 2023, 12:09 PM

Updated 260 days ago


AAA Northeast is urging drivers to be extra cautious when the clock falls back an hour on Sunday.
The agency found traffic crashes increased 200% statewide between 2017 through 2021 within four weeks following the end of Daylight-Saving Time.
Crashes on Long Island during that same period jumped to 270%.
"Long Island is unique because many of the roads lack sidewalks and many lack street lighting, it becomes very difficult in that hour,” says spokesperson Robert Sinclair Jr.
Medical experts are also recommending people with heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses to prepare for the time change ahead of Daylight-Saving Time. Experts also say drivers should check their vehicle's headlights to make sure it's in good working properly.
They are urging all drivers to slow down during the early evening hours.

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