Accused Brooklyn subway shooter pleads not guilty to terrorism, weapons charges

Frank James, the man accused of a shooting that injured more than 23 people on the subway in Sunset Park, pleaded not guilty to terrorism and weapons charges Friday in front of a federal judge.
Commuters struggled to get off the smoke-filled car in April after police say James put on a gas mask and opened a smoke cannister. James reportedly shot into the panic-filled train car at least 33 times.
Those bullets hit 10 people and an additional 19 others were injured in the mayhem that followed. After the shooting, the 62-year-old made his getaway by leaving the N train and boarding an R train, exiting the subway system at 25th Street. Police found fireworks and two more smoke grenades in his discarded backpack along with a pair of keys to a U-Haul registered in James' name, which authorities later found along Kings Highway.
James was arrested in the East Village the day after the shooting happened. James was indicted on federal charges of terrorist attack and other violence against a mass transit system carrying riders and discharging a firearm during a crime of violence.
During his arraignment, James was asked about his mental state and was charged with terrorism and violence against a mass transportation​ system and discharging a weapon.
His attorney and federal prosecutors had no comment about the case following the arraignment.
If convicted, James could face life in prison
The judge also continued to hold James behind bars without bond.
His next court appearance is scheduled for late July.