Activists take Bronx AIDS orphan funding fight to mayor's house

Protesters camped out at the mayor?s home Wednesday to urge the city to apply for federal aid for thousands of Bronx and city AIDS orphans.
According to the organization Health People, about 19,000 such children live in the borough. Many of the kids are raised by grandparents who are also coping with the loss of their own children. The group says New York City has the highest concentration of AIDS orphans in the United States, yet 35 other states have taken advantage of government dollars.
Activists are upset because they say Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R-NYC) has not applied to the federal government for the guardianship grant. The grant provides financial assistance to affected families. Protester Chris Norwood plans to sit on a bench for 24 hours without food or sleep to bring attention to the Bronx?s neglected AIDS orphans
News 12 The Bronx is awaiting comment from the mayor?s office.