Alleged gunman in Stamford strip club shooting caught

Stamford police say they?ve caught the man who shot three people outside a strip club last week.
Courtney Green, 24, was taken into custody Friday when he went to meet with his parole officer, police say. Green was paroled after serving four years of a 10-year sentence for selling crack-cocaine.
Police say Green shot three men in the parking lot of Harry O?s strip club on July 20. They say an argument started inside the club and the four men were kicked out.
The victims were shot in the arms and legs.
?He's a violent individual,? Stamford Police Department Capt. Richard Conklin says. ?[He?s] been convicted four times on various charges, very serious narcotics charges, which he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.?
Green is facing three first-degree assault charges and additional prison time. Authorities say there could soon be another arrest connected to the case because someone may have handed Green the gun outside the club.