Americares official stationed in Poland says country is well-equipped to aid Ukrainian refugees

Stamford-based Americares is currently on the ground in Poland providing critical aid to refugees coming from Ukraine.
News 12 is one of the first stations in Connecticut to speak with the director of the operation in Poland.
Americares is aiming to help about 200,000 refugees coming into Poland from Ukraine by offering an abundance of medical relief items. A three-ton package from the warehouse in Stamford is in transit to Poland. It contains hygiene kits, basic chronic disease medication and other supplies.
The director of the operation on the ground says the situation in Europe is different because there's already infrastructure in place in towns and cities these refugees are fleeing to, compared to other crises they've responded to in the past.
"Many refugee situations, the communities receiving the refugees are themselves are in difficult circumstances and there's a certain amount of difficulty for them and receiving into their communities. And here in Poland, as I said in the outset there's a great deal of warm welcome and support being provided," said Director of Complex Emergencies of Americares Adam Keehn.
Keehn and Americares Emergency Response Team is based in Krakow, Poland. It's about 2.5 hours from the border of western Ukraine, and where refugees are traveling by car, bus and even foot to reach asylum.