‘An exciting opportunity.’ Residents weigh in on Darien’s plan to buy Great Island or $100M

Darien residents are weighing in on the town's $100 million plan to buy an island.
The proposed purchase of Great Island has been a hot topic for the last few weeks and residents News 12 spoke with so far say they think the idea for the town to purchase it will benefit everyone.
"I think it's a once in a lifetime kind of property and I think it offers access to the water. If we use it correctly, Darien will win and have something like Todds Point in Greenwich or Compo Beach in Westport and it’s an exciting opportunity," said one resident.
The 60-acre haven of a lot comes with a hefty price tag, and would cost the average homeowner around $645 per year, according to the town.
The town says if they purchase it, they have plans to repurpose it with four zones. 
Residents say it's an opportunity the town needs to take.
While others believe the added cost for taxpayers, might prompt some homeowners to leave.
“Most people think everyone in this town lives off a high six-figure salary,” said another resident.
The Board of Selectmen will vote on whether to make the purchase on June 13.