Animal organs found at a Fairfield park could be tied to ritual, police say

Fairfield police was notified of a strange scene on Gould Manor Park on Thursday.
What appears to be chained animal organs surrounded by apples, roses and peppers was found by a tree in the park.
Fairfield police said they have not identified who placed them at the park and why.
Officials think it might be connected to a Santeria type of ritual and that there is no threat to the public.
Kitti Fisher, a local business owner, said she found the items on Wednesday and reported it to police, who said they had already been alerted by other concerned residents.
Fisher was walking her dog at the park and found the experience to be disturbing.
"People do have rituals where they do use animal and things like that in a totally innocent way -- but this gave off a vibe of, like, what's really going on here, like, why is all this here,” Fisher said.
A local practitioner of Santeria, who didn't want to appear on camera told News 12 that most of the world's major religions contain rituals that might seem unusual to an outsider but are in fact a harmless expression of faith protected by the Constitution.