Animal shelter seeks pet supply donations for families in need

Donations to Milford Animal Control do more than just save pets – they save families.
The animal shelter has been taking donations for years, and officers say it means the world to many families and their pets.
Sometimes in families, they reach a point at which they wonder, "Should I feed my pet or should I feed myself and my kids?" It’s a decision that some families are forced to make.
That’s why the shelter in Milford relies on donations to stock its pet food bank, to give to families in need that might not be able to afford caring for their furry friends. 
"It helps them to keep their pet rather than have to give them up,” says animal control officer Scott Ellingson. “Because some people end up unfortunately with the choice between feeding themselves and feeding their pets."
Donations are accepted throughout the entire year, but supplies are running low. 
A lot of what they need is cat food – wet or dry – dog toys, treats, blankets, cat carriers – anything that has to do with pets. 
You can stop by six days a week to drop off any donations that you have.