Norwalk mother faces deportation to South Korea

A Norwalk woman is pleading with immigration officials to let her stay in Connecticut with her family and avoid being deported.
Jung Courville was told by immigration officials that she needs to report to them by the end of August with a plane ticket to her native South Korea, and to leave the United States by the end of September.
Courville has lived in the United States for nearly 20 years and now has a husband and two sons, one of which has spina bifida and requires constant care.
Though Courville has no criminal record, she says she received bad legal advice upon entering the U.S. and never gained citizenship.
Courville's church, Saint Jerome Church in Norwalk, scheduled a prayer vigil Monday night for her. Father David Blanchfield calls the family "the kind of family that this country should treasure and respect."
The situation comes on the heels of the case of Nury Chavarria, another Norwalk mother who was facing deportation but was granted a stay after seeking sanctuary in a New Haven church.