At the Capitol: Lawmakers confirm judge to CT Supreme Court; Clean Air Act passes

Connecticut lawmakers confirmed a new judge to the state’s Supreme Court and passed several bills during their legislative session Friday night.
Judge Joan Alexander was selected to the Connecticut Supreme Court. Last Monday, she answered questions about a murder case she prosecuted 25 years ago. Once confirmed, Alexander could sit on the bench for up to 11 years.
The also passed The Connecticut Clean Air Act, which accelerates the shift to zero-emission buses. More electric cars will qualify for rebates at the dealership and heavier trucks would have to comply with stricter emissions standards – forcing many truckers to upgrade their fleets. The new law would also give most renters the right to install an electric vehicle charger.
"The cost of goods and services that I purchase for my business every day have gone up so much over the past couple of years,” said State Rep. Dave Rutigliano [R-Trumbull]. “And this is even before the Highway Use Tax that's going to go into effect."
"The increases in the 100-year storms that are now coming yearly,” added fellow State Rep. Christina Palm [D-Chester].
Other bills that passed included protections for abortion providers – shielding them from out-of-state legal action, a law aimed at curbing skyrocketing catalytic converter thefts, and legislation prohibiting Connecticut employers from holding “captive audience” meetings to discourage workers from organizing.