Beardsley Zoo’s 'Prognosticating Prairie Dog' Beardsley Bart predicts Spring is coming

Beardsley Zoo’s 'Prognosticating Prairie Dog' Beardsley Bart predicted Spring is coming. 
Although Bart did not appear to emerge from his burrow because of the cold, he did leave a proclamation which stated Spring will be coming, eventually. 
Bart has been the Bridgeport's Beardsley Zoo's Prognosticating Prairie Dog for years.
The zoo is actually home to dozens of prairie dogs.
Like groundhogs, prairie dogs live underground and typically come up from their burrows around sunrise for food.
Zoo officials say Bart is the leader of the pack and usually comes up first to determine if it's safe outside for his friends to join him but due to the cold, Bart and the pack stayed inside their burrows this morning. 
The prairie dogs will return to their burrows once the sun goes down.
Aside from prairie dogs, the Beardsley Zoo is also home to North American river otters--just one of the animals that patrons can adopt-this Valentine's Day by sending a special delivery to a loved one.
The money raised from the animal adoption box initiative will help fund the zoo's conservation efforts, education programs, and more. For more information about how to adopt an animal at Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo, click here