Bloody shirt, bra of missing New Canaan woman found in trash

Officials recovered a blood-stained shirt and bra they believe belonged to missing New Canaan woman Jennifer Dulos during their time searching trash bins in Hartford.
According to the Hartford Courant, police found the shirt Dulos was believed to be wearing the day she disappeared. The Courant reported the shirt was stained with Dulos' blood and found by crews searching the garbage in Hartford.
State prosecutors say they have video of Jennifer's estranged husband Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis throwing away several items throughout Hartford.
Police reportedly also found two mops and sponges with blood on them.
New Canaan police released a statement after the article was published saying "as this remains an active and dynamic investigation no comment will be provided on any evidence that has been collected nor will information be provided regarding the results of any forensic testing."