Blumenthal says Ticketmaster hearing may be needed after Taylor Swift fiasco

Sen. Richard Blumenthal says a hearing might be needed to sort out the bad blood between Ticketmaster and Taylor Swift fans.
Blumenthal says the company, along with its parent company Live Nation, need to be held accountable after the fiasco over presale tickets.
He's also calling for the Justice Department to investigate the merger of these companies so that there's real competition for tickets and consumer protection.
Blumenthal says Ticketmaster dominates the industry and will continue to do what it wants unless it is investigated.
"The majority owner of Ticketmaster is saying it's all Taylor Swift's fault. She hasn't done enough concerts, pretty lame. My view is that Ticketmaster ought to look at itself in the mirror and say 'I'm the problem, it's me,'" Blumenthal said.
In a statement Friday, Swift told her fans she's not going to make excuses for Ticketmaster because she and her team were told multiple times the company could handle the demand for tickets.