Bridgeport Board of Education members clash with superintendent at meeting

The discussion got so heated that Dr. Carmela Levy-David dared another member to fire her.

Tom Krosnowski and Rose Shannon

Oct 19, 2023, 5:15 PM

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Policy arguments between the Bridgeport superintendent and the Bridgeport Board of Education got heated at its most recent meeting.
At the Oct. 10 meeting, members challenged Dr. Carmela Levy-David's process on hiring interim administrative candidates when job listings yielded none.
There were also concerns about the city's use of school property.
During the meeting, Levy-David and members personally attacked each other.
The discussion got so heated that Levy-David dared another member to fire her.
Following the meeting, Levy-David put out a video focusing on her commitment to the district and her dissatisfaction with the way some members have handled changes she has imposed.
"We have to have cooler heads prevail. Dealing with conflict requires that I also am able to reflect after, reflect on the things that I've said, reflect on my behavior," says Levy-David.
Board member Joseph Sokolovic said he was asking the same questions he has of prior superintendents and ensuring processes are followed.
Levy-David says she plans to be in the district for at least 10 years, the amount of time needed for dramatic change.
"We have some of the lowest-performing schools in the state of Connecticut. I want to talk about the things we need to do to improve our schools, to make sure our second-language learners have the resources that they need. They don't currently have those,” she says.
Levy-David tells News 12 that although there are disagreements, she wants to compromise and work in partnership with the board to transform the district.
"If the processes are creating stagnation and our ability to move forward, then we need to modify those processes to ensure that we can make all the progress that we need faster. I don't want anything that happens in a board meeting to get in the way of the positive energy and momentum that we've built since the beginning of the school year," says Levy-David.
Joseph Sokolovic's full statement:

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