Bridgeport cold case victim to be included in prison playing card set 

The family of a Bridgeport man shot three years ago has new hope for solving the case.
They say the face of Heriberto Marquez, 24, will appear on cold case playing cards sold to inmates in Connecticut prisons.
Marquez was killed near the corner of Iranistan Avenue and Hanover Street in August 2020. 
He was walking to his father's house when he was killed, according to his family.
Marquez's family is asking anyone with information to come forward.
"There is a God you have to answer to," says Marquez’ mother, Elizabeth Delgado.
Delgado said her journey to justice has been slow until now. Authorities have released surveillance footage of an SUV and noted two people of interest, but no arrests have been made. 
"I was a little uncomfortable to put him on playing cards, but then, you know, I figured, hey, this might be something that can help the case," says Delgado.
State officials say the cards have helped solve murders in the past.
"I just want answers. I just want justice for my son," says Delgado.
Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call 203-576-TIPS.