Bridgeport community helps family facing homelessness

A Bridgeport family is thanking the community for their support when they were facing homelessness.
Deborah and Peter Mongillo and their two children were facing homelessness after blowing the whistle on their landlord for lead contamination that exists in the multifamily home they live in.
The couple says their 2-year-old Cody who has autism developed lead poisoning as a result of airborne contamination from paint in their attic apartment.
They say that when they blew the whistle on their landlord for failing to protect the tenants, he threatened to evict them. But because they couldn't afford to move, the streets seemed like their only option.
Joe Kaliko of the Needs Clearing House says he helped raise $1,750 so the Mongillos could find a new apartment by Jan. 1.
“This is huge because now we get to move in to our new place,” says Deborah. “We had a fresh start, and now we get to start fresh with our kids and give them a better environment."
Several organizations, including the Cornerstone Community Church of Norwalk and members of the Bridgeport Police Department, also helped the family.
“This holiday blessing is really the magic of human generosity from so many different corners,” says Sen. Richard Blumenthal. “People coming together after they learned about this family's plight."