Bridgeport gun buyback yields assault rifles, nearly 100 guns in 1 hour

The Police Commissioners Association of Connecticut and the Marilyn Goldstone Foundation hosted a gun buyback recovery program Saturday, with the goal of reducing the number of guns circulating in Bridgeport.
Neighborhood leaders in the north end of the city tell News 12 Connecticut they are grateful to be a part of the solution, where reducing violent crime is always a top priority.
The going rate for a high-quality handgun was $200, while assault rifles went for twice that.
Nearly 100 guns were collected in the first hour alone – among them, an assault rifle. Residents said they were happy to see off the streets of the city.
Chip Rubenstein, of the Police Commissioners Association of Connecticut, said one man brought in 11 weapons from his home.
Sen. Richard Blumenthal said gun buybacks make homes, communities and families safer.