Bridgeport nonprofit asks city for traffic light following car crash into building

Bridgeport non-profit asks city for traffic light following car crash into building

News 12 Staff

Feb 12, 2021, 12:03 AM

Updated 1,166 days ago


A Bridgeport nonprofit is asking the city to consider placing a traffic signal at the intersection they are located by after a car crashed into their building.  
The head of Building Neighborhoods Together, Noah Gotbaum, says someone crashed into their building on State Street Tuesday, causing significant damage.
Police say one vehicle ran a stop sign on West Avenue and hit a car traveling down State Street before one of the vehicles lost control and spun three times, then crashed into the building.
Gotbaum says the nonprofit was closed at the time due to a COVID-19 scare, and nobody was hurt.
 "We have on certain days upwards of 50 to 100 people coming in and out of our offices for counseling services. We have tenants in buildings around here in the downtown west area and we really need to fix this. It's dangerous, somebody is going to get killed," Gotbaum says.
Gotbaum says the intersection is known for being dangerous, and his organization is going to keep pushing for a stop light to be installed there.

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