Bridgeport Police Department looks to hire 100 new officers

The Bridgeport Police Department needs 100 new officers, and the department has been trying new ways to fill those openings.
The department currently has 250 officers and over the next year, the goal is to add 100 more.
News 12 caught up with Class 45 at the police academy as they studied forensic genealogy.
A recruiter says getting more officers on the job will improve safety for both officers and civilians, and allow the current group to do less overtime and spend more time with their families.
Lt. Angelo Collazo is a recruiter who tried a number of professions before realizing policing was his calling.
"I would say you really got to have it in your heart to give back to the community because that's what you're doing. You're working with a community every day," said Collazo.
Class 45 will graduate in September. Recruiters hope to fill those 100 jobs over the next year. To learn more information about the openings, click here.