Bridgeport residents protest proposed tax breaks for developer of luxury apartments

Bridgeport residents held a protest Sunday over a planned tax break for 400 luxury apartments set to be built at Steele Point.
The City Council is scheduled to vote on the measure Monday night.
The protestors tell News 12 that the complex will not contain any affordable housing units - required by law - but instead those units will be built at scattered sites throughout the city.
They say that amounts to segregation.
Steelpointe developer Robert Chrisoph, Jr. sent News 12 a statement:
“We are excited to begin building the next phase of Steelpointe Harbor in Bridgeport, adding to the success of the new marina, Boca Oyster Bar, Bass Pro Shops, Starbucks, North Sails and Bridgeport Boatworks. We are ahead of schedule with our commitment to affordable housing in Bridgeport, having already built 45 affordable units with plans submitted for construction of another 44  on East Main Street and additional plans for workforce housing on the peninsula.
A combination of activities is necessary for neighborhood success including both market rate and affordable housing construction. Market rate housing such as the 400 units proposed will play a role in making Bridgeport a desirable place to live and will phase in its tax responsibility as they go online.  The tax proposal is fair and equitable and will have no negative impact on Bridgeport taxpayers or the city budget; in all it is expected that the deal will lead to more than $100,000,000 in investments in Bridgeport with work going to local residents and minority owned companies."