Bridgeport school's new principal indicted for theft and fraud in Ohio

A Bridgeport charter school principal is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a school he founded in Ohio. Wilson Willard III took over at the New Beginnings Family Academy charter school in July. On Monday, he was indicted on 12 counts of theft and fraud. Prosecutors say an investigation revealed Willard took $24,000 from the Ohio school and used it to remodel bathrooms in his home. The 12-page indictment also charges Willard with taking $20,000 in unauthorized transfers. He's also accused of inflating enrollment numbers to secure additional money from the state. The president of the New Beginnings Family Academy school board says the board will continue to monitor developments in the case. Willard has not been charged with any wrongdoing in Connecticut. If convicted, he faces 23 years in prison.