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Bridgeport woman dies in Vermont after traveling to utilize legal medical aid in dying

Lynda Bluestein's family says she died on Thursday morning.

Mark Sudol

Jan 4, 2024, 6:08 PM

Updated 194 days ago


Bridgeport cancer patient and right to die advocate Lynda Bluestein died this morning in Vermont, where medical aid in dying is legal.
Her son, Jake Shannon, spoke to News 12 from the side of the road on his way back to Connecticut.
"Mom got what she wanted. You know, her pain has ended," said Shannon.
Bluestein suffered with the pain from ovarian and fallopian tube cancer for a long time. She had to leave for northern Vermont Wednesday because medical aid in dying is not legal in Connecticut.
"Shame on Connecticut lawmakers we had to take a four-hour drive. We appreciate anybody who's willing to continue and further the conversation about medical aid in dying and how we can make it available to everyone."
Bluestein fought with lawmakers in Hartford for years over the right to die. She was also a champion against gun violence.
She will also be remembered for promoting wind phones - disconnected rotary phones that have allowed people to grieve loved ones.
"She left a mark, and honestly I think this is what we would call the beginning of what will be her legacy is what I'm hoping," said Shannon.
Shannon says a wind phone was installed at the place where his mother died. He says we should expect to see more in the coming months to honor her.
Shannon says his mother will be cremated.

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