Bridgeport woman evacuated during police standoff says husband helped talk gunman into surrendering

A Bridgeport woman who was evacuated from her home during a police standoff says she's lucky to be alive after her husband helped talk the gunman into surrendering.
Police say the gunman was firing one shot after another from the third floor of a yellow, multifamily house on Caroll Avenue Tuesday night, leading police to evacuate a big portion of the neighborhood.
They say the man was struggling with mental health issues when he fired a series of gunshots. Nobody was hurt. Video from a home security camera shows one resident wearing body armor, then being evacuated into a SWAT truck.
The situation ended with the gunman surrendering peacefully.
A witness says she has known the gunman for more than 30 years and that he had called her earlier, saying he was distraught because his wife had left him.
Chief clinical outreach officer Joanne Montgomery, of Bridgeport's Liberation Programs, tells News 12 the ordeal points to the need for more aggressive mental health outreach services.