Bronx love triangle allegedly turns deadly

A young mother of two is suspected of stabbing another woman hours before Valentine's Day, police say.
Authorities say Jessica Ruiz, 23, fatally stabbed Joanna Holley, 25, Wednesday around 10:30 p.m. in Ruiz's Westchester Avenue apartment. Police say the father of Ruiz?s children, Ethan Prescott, had been dating Holley. He told investigators that he went to Ruiz?s home to get money that she owed him. Holley allegedly followed him there, where police say she was stabbed by Ruiz.
While authorities have not said what exactly provoked the incident, neighbors tell News 12 The Bronx Ruiz, who they believe may be pregnant, was merely defending herself and protecting her family from Holley.
Ruiz was originally charged with second-degree murder, but was released from custody on Thursday. The district attorney?s office is still investigating the crime.
Meanwhile, the victim?s family is on its way to the Bronx from Alabama to plan her funeral arrangements.