BROTHERS IN BLUE: Norwalk PBA starts fundraiser for retired officer, veteran who had $925K stolen

The PBA has started a fundraising effort for the retired officer after the theft of his life savings.

Marissa Alter

Jul 25, 2022, 9:31 PM

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Joe Jensen was known for giving back to the community during his almost 30 years with the Norwalk Police Department, according to Lt. Terry Blake. Blake, who’s president of the Norwalk Police Benevolent Association, is now hoping the community will reciprocate. The PBA has started a fundraising effort for the retired officer after the theft of his life savings.
“As a former member of the Police Benevolent Association, you know, Joe's family,” Blake said. “We're trying to do what we can and try and get him back on his feet financially.”
News 12 sat down with Jensen following the arrest of attorney Carl Ferraro on larceny charges. Ferraro is accused of stealing almost $1.8 million from eight clients, including Jensen
“We lost over $925,000 that was due to us,” Jensen said during an interview earlier this month. “Our world came crashing down.”
In February, Jensen sold his home of 35 years in Rowayton, where he'd raised his kids and lived with his wife before she died from a long battle with cancer. Ferraro handled the closing, but police said never gave Jensen the money from the sale.
“We're still in shock, and every day we're haunted by what happened and the effects that it has on me and my family,” Jensen told News 12. “It devastated us, and it continues to.”
Jensen, now 75, said he'll have to keep working part time at the Rowayton train station and may consider a second part-time job. The money from the house was also supposed to help his oldest daughter, who suffered a brain aneurism.
“That theft is life-changing for Joe and his family,” Blake said.
Jensen dedicated his life to service, first in the United States Army, then with the police department as a community police officer in Rowayton. He retired in 2011 to be with his sick wife, but Blake said he hasn’t been forgotten.
“During his time, it spanned generations, so you have grandparents, their children, and their children's children that still talk about Officer Jensen,” Blake explained. “We're hopeful that the community will step up and help Joe out during this time of need.”
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