BX gymnast honored at PSAL awards

A Bronx gymnast was honored for four years of excellence while at John F. Kennedy High School at this year?s Heisman PSAL Wingate Awards.
The awards are given to the best senior athletes in each sport, as nominated by coaches and sports coordinators throughout the season.
Eric Parker, 18, said he?s had his eye on the award for a while. ?It?s something I?ve been wanting?for all four years. I?m glad I got it because I work hard,? Parker said.
Parker didn?t become involved in gymnastics until he was a freshman in high school. He attributes his success to his hard work and ability to catch on quickly.
Parker is off to Penn State in the fall to train in one of the top gymnastics programs in the country. He said he can?t wait to get there and start training. Parker said his ultimate goal is to compete in the Olympics.