BX residents want brakes put on reckless driving

Kearney Avenue residents are demanding that the city clamp down on reckless driving in the area to protect their parked cars and property. The speed limit on the double-lane road has been set at 25 mph, but neighbors say it does not stop cars from racing down the hill, destroying fences and smashing into parked vehicles.?For years, cars have been coming down here very fast, and what happens is they lose control and I?ve lost two cars,? says Andrew Mikolinacz.
Neighbors say the situation gets worse on the weekends, when drunk drivers hit the road.
"It?s dangerous, especially on Friday, Saturday nights between 11 and 5 a.m., anything can happen," Mikolinacz says.
Neighbors now want the city to turn the wide double-lane street into a single-lane road.
?It?s been proven that when you narrow a street, traffic will slow down,? says state Assemblyman Michael Benedetto (D).
According to local residents, the New York City Department of Transportation refused to install stop signs or speed bumps on the street, but promised to inspect the neighborhood in order to determine what changes need to be made.