Call for '3 strikes' law renewed after home invasion

Gov. Jodi Rell is renewing her call for a three strikes bill after a weekend home invasion by a convicted sex offender ended with a fatality.
Police in New Britain say the victim was visiting a friend Sunday when a convicted sex offender allegedly broke into the home, shot the homeowner and forced the victim into his car. Police found the body of the woman about 10 miles away Monday morning.
The incident was the second deadly home invasion in Connecticut in less than a year. Rell and state Republicans want repeat violent offenders to be locked up for life after their third offense.
Such a proposal was killed by the legislature's judiciary committee in January, but Rell says there's no better time to put it on the books than now. State Sen. John McKinney (R-Fairfield) says he will renew interest in the bill in the state Senate.
Leslie Williams faces criminal attempt to commit murder, robbery and kidnapping with a firearm, among other charges for the home invasion. A judge set bail at $5 million.