CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Brazen daytime carjacking attempt on busy Post Road in Southport

News 12 has learned of another attempted car theft on Post Road in Southport.

Marissa Alter

Sep 19, 2023, 11:15 PM

Updated 302 days ago


In light of a violent carjacking in Westport, News 12 has learned of another brazen incident that was also caught on camera—an attempted car theft on Post Road in Southport just two days before. It happened at The Auto Spa of Fairfield around 2 p.m. Friday.
Owner Marc Vitaliani said he was less than 15 feet from a client's parked BMW while the client was inside when an SUV with four kids pulled up.
"One of the kids in the back jumped out, tried to climb into the BMW and steal the car. We were right next to it," Vitaliani recalled incredulously.
Security camera footage shows the client realize what's going on and run out yelling, causing the suspect to abandon the effort and race back to the SUV.
"We ran after them. He got away and we tried to catch the car. I was on top of the car almost, and he got away," Vitaliani said, adding that the car took off onto I-95. "I mean, it went from at night stealing cars to doing it right in front of us."
On Sunday, in neighboring Westport, two suspects attacked a local man in his own garage in the middle of the day and stole his Aston Martin. It was a violent escalation of what happened to one of Vitaliani's clients last month when the man's Mercedes was stolen from his driveway. The victim told News 12 he was unloading packages from his car and bringing them inside when his car was taken.
"It's absolutely getting worse," Vitaliani said. "You know, we increased our security system. We added about eight more cameras."
Vitaliani blamed a lax judicial system with few repercussions for those who are arrested, especially juveniles.
"Every time we hear about this, it's somebody with a rap sheet, somebody that just did it the day before and got caught and released and is doing it again today," Vitaliani said.
He called on legislators to do something but worried that won't happen until someone is seriously hurt.
"The problem is accountability. Without accountability, it doesn't mean anything. You know, if I was pulled over for speeding and let go every single time, I would never stop speeding," Vitaliani told News 12. "Enough is enough."

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