CEA’s new PSA: Teachers happy to be back in classroom after challenging year

In a new ad campaign, Connecticut's largest teachers union says its members are committed to helping kids get the most out of this school year while keeping them safe.
According to the Connecticut Education Association's new PSA campaign, “last year took a lot of strength. This year, we're stronger than ever.”
CEA President Kate Dias says her members are excited for in-person instruction after a year of virtual and hybrid learning.
"I think teachers are enthusiastic about being back in the classroom,” she told News 12. “They're so ready to spend more time with their students and really get into the business of education."
New London teacher coach Rich Baez is featured in the new PSA. Baez says it was important to highlight educators' efforts over the pandemic.
"There's no substitute for human interaction,” he says. “Very few professions worked as hard as teachers did last year."
Teachers say the return to school feels safe as long as precautions stay in place.
"I hope we keep the mask mandate until we get to a position where everyone, including the under 12, can be vaccinated,” says Baez.
CEA says the pandemic has thrown a spotlight on some improvements that could be made to older school buildings.