Chabad of Fairfield collects first aid supplies, clothing for Israel

The Chabad of Fairfield hosted a community supplies drive on Sunday to send much needed items to Israel amid its war with Hamas militants.
Socks, thermal wear, first aid and sleeping bags were among some of the items collected. People packed them up and loaded the boxes into vehicles.
All the supplies will be delivered to Israel on Monday.
The Chabad is working with its sister organization in the country to distribute the donations.
Rabbi Shlame Landa said the drive is the community's way of sending both physical and spiritual support.
"We all know somebody who knows somebody who was affected by this. And we all want to do something practical to be able to help and to try and bring some relief and let them know that we here... But that we are here to do everything we can to be able to help them in their time of need," Landa said.
Landa added that since last week's terror attack, both the Jewish and broader Fairfield communities have come together to support Chabad and its members.