Chef's Quick Tip: Thanksgiving centerpiece

This week, Bianco Rosso pastry chef Suzanne Berne teaches Tina Redwine how to make festive Thanksgiving-themed treats.
Thanksgiving centerpiece 
Crudite Turkey Centerpiece Tips
  1. Select a pumpkin with a flat side for the bottom
  2. Wash pumpkin thoroughly
  3. Assemble on a platter so that the finished product does not need to be picked up.
  4. Don’t use toothpicks, purchase small, medium and large wood skewers that are thicker and sturdier than a tooth pick. Available at most kitchen supply stores.
  5. Use a metal skewer or pick to make the holes that the skewers will go in, if you try to use the skewers they will break.
  6. Assemble all vegetable skewers first
  7. First use a few skewers and attach the head, this will help you figure out where to start place the skewers.
  8. The lightest skewers should be the most forward on the pumpkin and the large should finish just past the half way point.
  9. Place skewers close together for a full and neat appearance.
  10. For each row of skewers start in the center, pierce one hole and insert one skewer. Then figure out the spacing for the skewers on either side after that the process should continue.
  11. Work from front to back and do not work over pieces that have already been been put into to avoid the risk of hitting and breaking them.
For a large turkey
1 medium sized pumpkin
1 crookneck squash
Parsley for the base
16 skewers each of the following
            Small Skewer Cherry tomatoes
            Small Skewer Red and yellow bell pepper slices
            Medium Skewer Carrot sticks
            Large Skewer Grape  – 3 red and 3 green on each
            Large Skewer Cheese – alternate 1” cubed yellow and white Cheese 5 pieces on each
            Large Skewers Celery with the leaves on.
For a small turkey
1 small Turkey
The bottom of one bell pepper
2 cloves for eyes
1 carrot for feet and beak
5 Small skewers tomatoes
6 Small skewers red and yellow peppers
3 Medium Skewers yellow and white 2 each
3 Medium Skewers 2 red and 2 green grapes
Susanne Berne
Pastry Chef Bianco Rosso
Wilton and Trumbull