Chief state's attorney retiring amid controversy from hiring of budget official's daughter

Chief State's Attorney Richard Colangelo submitted a letter of retirement to the Connecticut Criminal Justice Commission Wednesday.
The announcement came while the commission was holding a special meeting to decide whether to remove him from his post.
Colangelo is accused of hiring a state budget official's daughter while lobbying for staff raises.
His retirement date is set for March 31. He will use his remaining time to finish up administrative duties and transfer projects to others.
He will not be prosecuting or investigating any further cases.
"Those of us who have served with him on this commission, have often heard him say to candidates who want to be appointed as young prosecutors that as they approach such an important position, the only thing he expects of them is to do the right thing. I want to thank Mr. Colangelo for doing the right thing today under very difficult circumstances," said Connecticut Criminal Justice Commission Chair Associate Justice Andrew J. McDonald.
McDonald has appointed John J. Russotto as acting Chief State's Attorney.
Colangelo was the former Stamford state's attorney and served as a state prosecutor for 29 years.