City of Norwalk celebrates completion of Phase 2 of Norwalk River Valley Trail

The trail is now connecting Union Park to New Canaan Avenue.

Angelica Toruno

Mar 7, 2024, 3:20 AM

Updated 133 days ago


The Norwalk River Valley Trail has officially expanded, as the project's second arm opens the trail to three miles.
The trail is now connecting Union Park to New Canaan Avenue.
"From the beach to here, they'll pass by the aquarium, Oyster Shell Park, Stepping Stones and Lockwood Mansion along the way. That sounds like a pretty good day to me," said Lisa Shanahan, of the chair and ordinance committee.
Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff tested out the trail by arriving on a bike to the announcement of the completion.
"I look forward to biking on this on a really beautiful, sunny day," said Duff.
Phase 2 of the project ends on the corner of Riverside Avenue and New Canaan Avenue, but that's only for now, the city says there's more in the works.
"Westconn is the recipient of a raise grant that is actually going to work on completing this trail. So, this will be seen, this is a first part, we still have two more miles to finish in Norwalk," said Jim Travers, director of Norwalk Transportation, Parking and Mobility.
The addition aims to give people safer access to the trail and provide commuters with another option of transportation.
"Get out on their bicycle, not rely so much on their vehicles, go someplace, and take your bike or walk. That's going to help reduce our carbon footprint," said Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling.
The goal is to make the Norwalk River Valley Trail an uninterrupted trail from Norwalk all the way to Danbury.

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