Clear skies make way for starry nights. What to look for when stargazing on July 4

As skies clear for the rest of the July Fourth weekend, News 12 Meteorologist Michele Powers says it’ll be a perfect time to go stargazing.
The clear weather makes for a great opportunity to head outdoors with your family to view the night sky.
If you look northwest, you'll be able to see the Big and Little Dippers standing vertically facing each other in the early evening sky.
These two asterisms are circumpolar and orbit around Polaris, our north star. They never set, but in a couple of weeks the Big Dipper will start its turn and look like it's "scooping up some water.”
Another summer staple is the Summer Triangle, which is still shining brightly in our eastern sky after dark. It's made up of three bright stars from other constellations.
If your sky is dark enough, you'll be able to see part of the Milky Way.