Close call at Metro-North station in Fairfield

First responders rushed to the Metro-North station in Fairfield after receiving reports of someone being hit by a train, Tuesday night.
Upon arrival, they discovered that the individual was not struck but was on the tracks as a train approached on the northbound side.
According to the conductor, he spotted the person on the tracks as he was pulling into the Fairfield station.
He managed to slow down, apply the brakes, and activate the warning horn.
The person on the tracks attempted to climb back onto the platform and narrowly avoided being hit by the train by scooting back under the platform lip.
Fairfield police say he admitted to drinking alcohol and was spotted on the tracks stumbling around before an eastbound train was approaching.
Fairfield police and Metro-North are conducting an investigation. The person who was on the tracks was taken to the hospital for observation and subsequently arrested.