Co-op City residents demand bigger police presence

Co-op City residents believe the NYPD is overlooking them when it comes to police patrols simply because the large complex has its own security.
"I feel safe, I feel secure, but you can always improve security," says tenant Daniel Diaz.
NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly says a bigger police presence couldn't hurt, but that the low $25,000 rookie salary is hurting recruitment ? a problem he hopes to soon end. "There's an arbitration process going forward that will address this, and hopefully will resolve this recruiting problem that we have," Kelly says.
Kelly adds that crime is down in the 45th Precinct, which includes Co-op City, and specifically in Co-op City.A resident tells News 12 The Bronx while more cops would be great, he believes it's up to residents to take an active role in curbing crime by keeping their eyes and ears open.