Comptroller: Golf course deal landed in rough

A report by City Comptroller William Thompson says the decision to terminate a golf course construction contract is costing the Bronx millions.
Ferry Point Partners had arranged to build a world-class golf course in the Bronx. The contract was canceled due to extensive delays, but the Bronx must foot the bill since the group was not held responsible for the charges.
?It is simply astounding that after failing to perform any significant work at the site, Ferry Point and its subcontractors are walking away with millions of dollars,? says Thompson. ?It?s like we are rewarding failure.?
Thompson says audits revealed the Department of Parks and Recreation overpaid the group by nearly $6 million. Another $3 million was lost in licensing fees caused by what Thompson describes as ?abysmal oversight.?
The report says the deal has cost the borough approximately $15 million, with lost revenue figuring into the sum as well.