Concern growing in New Canaan over cell tower proposal

<p>One resident&rsquo;s plan to have a cell tower built on his property is causing concern in New Canaan.</p>

News 12 Staff

Feb 26, 2018, 12:00 PM

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One resident’s plan to have a cell tower built on his property is causing concern in New Canaan.
Several neighbors along Soundview Lane say they are worried the 85-foot tower will affect their health and property values.
Hugh Wiley says the public was never notified his neighbor, Keith Richey, had made an agreement with Homeland Towers to build the communications site, and the arrangement appears to lack due process.
Wiley says he's worried the cell tower will set a dangerous precedent for New Canaan.
"It feels like the Wild, Wild West! What will prevent any other neighbor in this town from contracting with the cellphone company or cell tower concern presumably for their financial gain, at your expense?” says Hugh Wiley.
"I understand the concerns about health and about property values,” says Richey. “That's why I spent months researching it, and then I determined, there really is no health issue, that if it's a concealed tower, and it's hidden away like this one will be, it shouldn't affect anyone's property values. I talked to the town tax assessor about that. That was the impression he gave me."
Richey says he communicated with every town body before making his plans, and they supported his efforts.
Residents are worried the tower can be expended to 185 feet once it's built.  

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