Conn. AG gives chiropractors an adjustment

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced Wednesday that the state reached a deal with two chiropractic trade groups for allegedly shutting out a health care provider and its patients.
Blumenthal sued the Chiropractic Association, its attorney, Robert Hirtle, and the Connecticut Chiropractic Council. According to the attorney general, the defendants orchestrated a boycott of Anthem Health Plans Inc. and its patients after the insurer refused to reimburse doctors more for their services.
"They were seeking to pressure or coerce Anthem to pay more to chiropractors, Blumenthal said. "Ultimately, the patients would have paid more in premiums.
According to Blumenthal, 80 percent of the state's 700 chiropractors opted out of Anthem's health coverage within the same timeframe in 2006, resulting in patients being turned away.
Chiropractor Matthew Pagano said the association settled for $87,000 to avoid long-term litigation, but none of the defendants admitted wrongdoing.
Blumenthal has said he doesn't blame the majority of the chiropractors because they were "misled" by the trade groups.
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