Connecticut lawmakers give final approval to Jennifers' Law

Connecticut lawmakers gave the final approval Friday night to Jennifers' Law to change the definition of domestic violence.
The measure expands the definition to include emotional torture and not just physical abuse.
The law was inspired in part by Jennifer Dulos, the mother from New Canaan who remains missing and whose case has gained national attention.
"Victims are demeaned and violated inside their homes, then discredited and rejected when they appeal for help. Their power is taken from them, but this groundbreaking legislation gives it back. It ensures every person’s autonomy – the ability leave an abusive situation and regain control of their own lives. We are all Jennifer. Whether we are male or female, black or white, gay or straight, rich or poor, urban or suburban, we are all susceptible to the abuse of power that can come at the hands of the people we trust the most – our own family members. This legislation declares that abuse of power inside a family or household is unacceptable. And all forms of abuse – physical, sexual, emotional, financial, legal and psychological – will now be recognized," says state Sen. Alex Kassar.