Connecticut lawmakers hear proposal for automated speed cameras

Connecticut could soon have a new way to nab speeders - that doesn't even involve a police officer.

News 12 Staff

Jan 28, 2021, 1:15 AM

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Connecticut could soon have a new way to nab speeders - that doesn't even involve a police officer.
Connecticut lawmakers heard about a proposal for automated speed cameras Tuesday afternoon.
At the virtual public hearing, dozens of people urged lawmakers to launch a pilot program for automated cameras in school zones and highway work zones.
Speakers said too many people are dying on Connecticut roads.
"That's 58 mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers and cherished friends who were taken from the people who love them," says Sarah Joy, of Fairfield.
These cameras don't require a police officer. If a motorist is going more than 11 or 12 mph over the speed limit, it will automatically take a picture of the license plate and mail a ticket.
Drivers would know where speed cameras are placed. The bill requires a warning sign at least 500 feet in advance. It also forbids police from releasing personal information about violators to outside parties, including public records requests.
Speed cameras are allowed in 22 states and Washington, D.C. In New York City, they have led to drops in pedestrian deaths.
But automated cameras can be very unpopular. New Jersey ended a five-year pilot program for red light cameras in 2014. A similar program in Nassau County, New York lasted only six months.
Even the head of the Connecticut State Police Union urged lawmakers to reject speed cameras.
"This bill proposes the use of speed cameras to replace state troopers on limited access highways," said CSPU President Andrew Matthews. "[It] does not allow for the accused to have the right to cross examine their accuser."
Supporters say speed cameras can help prevent racial profiling.
If the proposal passes, it would be a pilot program that wouldn’t start until July 2022.
The proposal has failed several times before. Under this year's proposal, the first speed camera ticket would cost $75.
A second ticket would cost $90. It's still undecided if getting a ticket would mean points on licenses.

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