Connecticut lawmakers propose bill to limit number of guns purchased in single transaction per month

Connecticut lawmakers are calling for changes to gun control policies.
State Rep. Anne Hughes, state Sen. Will Haskell and others held a news conference in Weston Thursday morning.
Speakers said states should follow Connecticut's lead in making changes and ensure people feel safe in public spaces.
They are also demanding state legislatures and Congress pass universal background check legislation, ban assault weapons and hold gun manufacturers accountable.
"This is all of our problem, it's not just Texas' problem, it's not just Newtown's problem," said Hughes. "We did mobilize and pass a bunch of gun safety legislation in the wake of Sandy Hook, but other states didn't and now other states recognize that we're all at risk."
Haskell says one thing the state can do is ban bulk purchasing of guns. Currently in Connecticut there are no limits on how many firearms one can buy during a trip to a gun store. The legislation proposed by Haskell would allow a person to only purchase one gun per month.