Connecticut officials say they're stocked up and prepared for winter weather

Connecticut homeowners are stocking up on the winter storm essentials as we head into the cold weather season, while local towns and cities say they're prepared for the worst and hoping for the best.
The winter experts at Rocky's Ace Hardware in Stamford say you'll likely find yourself paying more for rock salt and snow melt this winter, just like with everything else.
Manager Richard Kaack says keeping shelves stocked has gotten much easier as supply chain snarls have ironed themselves out.
"During the heat of COVID of course, paint was hard to get, rock salt was very difficult to get," said Kaack. "I think this year's going to be much better with that. I think you're going to be able to come down and we'll be in stock."
Towns and cities are already stocked up on their salt supply.
"All of our salt domes are filled, we have 13,000 tons of salt and 50 snowplow vehicles ready to go," said Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons.
City officials in Stamford say road salt is more expensive this year but they got ahead of rising prices by putting in their order at the end of last winter.
"We always assess where we're at, and we make sure we fill the domes before the next budget season, which is July 1. Which also helps you take advantage of any price hikes that might happen," said Thomas Turk, division manager at Stamford Road Maintenance.
The shortage of drivers with a commercial license has reared its ugly head again. Stamford officials say they have their plow routes staffed but just barely.
"We have hired a good amount of people in the last 12 months, but like you said, it is harder to find them and I'm actively looking for three more right now," said Turk.
Stamford police, fire and emergency management officials say they also participated in a tabletop exercise last month to practice and prepare for a variety of winter weather scenarios.