Connecticut realtors weigh in on mortgage mess

With the worst housing slump in more than a decade looming, realtors are scrambling to give advice to homeowners in trouble about how get out of the mess.
The federal government says not enough people stayed within their budget when purchasing homes and are in danger of losing them. President Bush announced a proposal to help keep people in their homes last week.
Fairfield realtor Al DiTullo says aggressive financing is part of the problem. He says prospective homeowners may be ill-advised when shopping for mortgages.
Realtors recommend buying the best you can afford, not biting off more than you can chew, and using creative financing to get lower interest rates up front and higher rates later.
The federal government predicts at least 2 million adjustable rate mortgages will reset to higher rates over the next two years, pushing even more people into foreclosure.
Bush wants to make it easier for troubled homeowners to refinance. New loans will allow the homeowner to renegotiate their monthly payments.